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OVERJOYED OGRES: Primary school teacher makes Shrek beanies for pupils and is swamped with praise

OVERJOYED OGRES: Primary school teacher makes Shrek beanies for pupils and is swamped with praise

Image: North Ormesby Primary Academy @N_O_P_A

Teacher Mrs Dowie, from North Ormesby Primary Academy, crocheted 34 Shrek beanies for her year 6 class and it has gone viral!

Mrs Dowie works with year 6 pupils at North Ormesby Primary Academy and her talent and generosity has sparked major reactions among the pupils and across Twitter.

During class, an avid Shrek fan and young pupil who knew of Mrs Dowie’s talent, asked her if she could make him a Shrek beanie.

She jokingly replied: “When lockdown is finished I will make everyone in year 6 a Shrek beanie”

And with England's children returning to school this week, Chris Dowie told Local TV “and so I had to keep my promise”.

She made 34 beanies for her year 6 students which took around 70 hours. Lot's of Netflix, tea and coffee helped her power through.

Miss Dowie told us that the Children’s reactions were amazing.  “They were ecstatic, they screamed, and were so excited”

She continued with “it was just so nice to see them laughing”.

Shortly after a group photo of the children with their hats was posted on twitter, it went viral – the tweet currently stands at 33K likes and 3.5K retweets.

It even attracted big names such as Carol Vorderman tweeting: “I love Miss Dowie”

Miss Dowie said “ I think it has come at the right time, the children have missed out so much this year”

“They have missed out on trips and residentials, so any little memory we can make for them, which our school is really good at doing, and putting a smile on their faces, is what I wanted to aim for.”

They've even gone down a treat with the staff!

Shrek Hats @N_O_P_A

Image: @N_O_P_A

Miss Dowie also has giant crochet rainbow in her garden for the NHS.

Image: Chris Dowie

To add to the list of kind comments on the tweet, Wool company ‘Woolfull’ has offered yarn and supplies to Miss Chris Dowie, so I'm sure there will plenty more wooly gifts for the children in the future!

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