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BANK HOLIDAY HOSTING: Tips and tricks that’ll make throwing a bank holiday weekend party a breeze


BANK HOLIDAY HOSTING: Over half of Brits keen to host social gatherings this summer and a third plan to make these events more frequent and elaborate than ever before.

 The summer of long-awaited social events is well and truly underway, but rather than flock to the nearest pub or bar it seems Brits are happy to do the cooking, cocktail-making and cleaning themselves. 

With 18 months of on-and-off lockdowns giving us a new appreciation for our homes, over half (59%) of people say they are now keen to host their own social gatherings. Over a third (36%) even claim these will be more frequent and elaborate occasions than ever before according to a new study from Caorunn Gin.

While the most common feeling about hosting post-pandemic is excitement (26%), the research found a fifth of people admit they are, understandably, a little out of practice and the thought of preparing for the event is all too overwhelming for 1 in 10.

 Anyone wondering how they are perceived as a host might find they fall into one of the below categories, with ‘The Caring Host’ coming out on top for a third (33%) of people hosting events this summer.

Most common hosting styles:

1.     The Caring Host: I make sure all my guest’s needs are catered for. Gluten-free, sugar free and vegan? No problem! I want to make sure my guests feel cared for

2.     The Have-a-go Host: I try my best! I might not be the most organised host but I try. The BBQ might be charcoaled and there are never enough chairs but people seem to be having a good time… aren’t they?

3.     The Organised Host: Everything is planned down to the smallest detail. The seating plan is ready months in advance, the wine is on ice the night before and nothing can catch me unaware

4.     The Big and Bold Host: I’m the host with the most! I want to put on the biggest, most talked about event of the year. I’m the modern-day Great Gatsby

5.     The Potluck Host: Whatever short cut I can find I’ll take. A potluck event is my idea of heaven, and Pinterest is my main source of inspiration

Being a hostess with the mostess is a time-consuming feat, with entertainers across the nation happily spending an average of 4 hours cooking and preparing for their bank holiday hosting, which they are willing to spend around £335 on to ensure guests thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The most popular drink choices for summer celebrations include wine, (56%), beer (48%), prosecco (33%) and gin (24%). A fifth (18%) of hosts say their top tip for keeping guests refreshed is to make a big batch of punch or cocktails in advance.

Despite our excitement at the thought of cooking for friends and family again, there’s no denying it comes with hard work. The clean-up is the worst part about hosting according to half of the nation, while having to pay for everything (24%) and the risk of having guests outstay their welcome (23%) is also unfavourable for many. 

If you’re looking to host a ‘gin-genius’ gathering of your own, there are some key life hacks to keep in mind – prepping food the night before (47%), asking guests to bring a dish each to save on cooking (14%) and starting a group chat to keep guests in-the-know (14%) are just some of the top tips Brits highlighted in the survey. A clever fifth (20%) of people even say they invite their neighbours to social gatherings to avoid noise complaints in case things get a little rowdy!

On the whole Brits are looking to make greener hosting choices this summer – well over half (61%) want to minimise waste as much as possible and two fifths (41%) would like to use sustainable products wherever possible.

Looking for some events to try near you? Click here to see what’s on.

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