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BEHIND BARS: Violent killer jailed for life for murder of ex-partner

BEHIND BARS: Violent killer jailed for life for murder of ex-partner

Images from Northumbria Police

A violent killer will be behind bars for life for murdering his ex-partner after he found her with a 15 year old boy.

Paul Robson, 50, has been convicted by a jury of beating to death Northumberland teacher Caroline Kayll at her home in the village of Linton. He has also been found guilty of repeatedly stabbing a 15-year-old boy at the property after discovering he was in a sexual relationship with his ex-partner.

A court was told that on the evening of November 15, Robson attended the address he used to share with Caroline, 47, and found the pair together inside. He overpowered Caroline, knocked her to the floor and then repeatedly kicked her in the head causing the fatal injuries. Robson then took a pair of scissors to her lifeless body and cut off her hair, before he turned his attention to the teenage boy.

The court was told how the frenzied thug stabbed and slashed him more than 40 times with scissors and knives before he fled the address with his victims’ phones. He told a neighbour, who he knew to be a nurse, that he had “done something and she’s in a bad way” and then got into his car and left the area.

The killer then went on the run for six days before he was located by police in Glasgow and arrested on suspicion of murder. Robson, of Stanley Street, Wallsend, denied charges of murder and attempted murder but was convicted by a jury on both offences.

He was also convicted of blackmail after forcing Caroline to pay him £29,000 in the weeks leading up to the attack by threatening to reveal details of her relationship with the teenager. Following the case, senior investigating officer at Northumbria Police, Detective Inspector Graeme Barr, welcomed the guilty verdicts. He said: “This is one of the most violent offences I have investigated in my policing career and I welcome the guilty verdicts of the jury.

“Paul Robson has been fuelled by a jealous rage and attended his former address that night with one thing on his mind. His attack on Caroline and his teenage victim was pre-meditated and demonstrated horrendous levels of violence. There is no doubt he wanted to kill or permanently disfigure both of his victims. He succeeded in killing his former partner and has left his teenage victim scarred for life.

“Not only that, but he spent the days that followed trying to avoid police before attempting to pin Caroline’s murder on a vulnerable, teenage boy. Those actions have put the teenage victim, his family and Caroline’s family through the ordeal of a trial and I want to praise the bravery they have shown throughout these proceedings. I know that for them no punishment will be enough, but today’s verdicts do mean that Paul Robson will be handed a life sentence.

“There is a very real chance he will never experience freedom again and I hope that can bring some justice to his victims.”

During his trial, career criminal Robson told the court he first met Caroline when imprisoned in HMP Northumberland in 2005 and it was then that their clandestine relationship began .

Robson was further jailed for 10 years in 2014 for drugs and firearms offences and returned to HMP Northumberland where he was re-united with Caroline. At this time she employed as a teacher in the education department of the prison and the pair re-ignited their secret affair. Robson was released in 2018 but this time their relationship did not stop and they soon moved in with each other at the property in Linton.

The pair remained together until October 2020 but separated when Robson became aware of Caroline’s relationship with the teenager. The court was told how Robson then took the opportunity to blackmail Caroline, threatening to “ruin” her if she did not pay him.

In a bid to ensure his silence a desperate Caroline transferred £29,000 to him – but just two weeks later she was dead.

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