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THE RIDE CONTINUES: Catch up with the Rebel Riders as they make their way from Brighton to Glasgow ahead of COP26


We catch up with the Rebel Riders as they continue their journey from Brighton to Glasgow ahead of COP26 to spread awareness of the climate crisis. 

To highlight the importance of the fight against climate change, a group of cyclists are riding over 500 miles from Brighton to Glasgow in an attempt to send the message to world leaders that serious action is needed now.

Along the way, the team hope to showcase some of the amazing community groups across the country who are getting stuck into climate solutions which, the team have said, demonstrate that the technology and know-how is already there to take a huge step towards protecting out planet.

On day 3, the cyclists ride from Milton Keynes to Loughborough on one their toughest days yet, and William Ranieri speaks to the owner of a ten-year-old electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles have been produced in the UK for at least ten years, but only 1,082 people owned an electric car in 2011. That number has grown dramatically over the last decade, reaching 108,205 all-electric cars and 66,877 plug-in hybrids in 2020.

William talks to Sean Walters, MaidEnergy Director, who has owned an electric car for ten years, about how the far the electric car charging system has come, how it’s free in Scotland but not England, and how to convince more people to drive electric.

Cyclist Tim Hunt talks about how people have been reacting to the Extinction Rebellion group along the route between Brighton & Glasgow.

Some people have been annoyed, maybe just because they’re cyclists, but a lot of people have been honking in support of their journey.

In Loughborough, the group attend a pub quiz where they meet locals who have come to meet them, including the Loughborough Quakers.

John from the Quakers talked about their sustainability group, that aims to be active in encouraging people to be more aware of the climate crisis. They’ve also written a handbook about how we can reduce our own carbon footprints and encourage others to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly. 

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