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CLIMATE FRIENDLY PENSIONS: More than half of us unaware of where our pension money goes each month

CLIMATE FRIENDLY PENSIONS: More than half of us unaware of where our pension money goes each month


CLIMATE FRIENDLY PENSIONS: 59% of pension holders who consider themselves as climate-conscious are unaware their pension could help fight climate change!

Nearly two thirds (64%) of pension holders are unaware that their pension could be invested in ways that could help fight climate change, including nearly six in 10 (59%) who consider themselves climate-conscious

A greater understanding of how investments can be made responsibly is called for as new research reveals most (53%) pensionholders do not know how their pension funds are invested

Whilst all eyes are on COP26 to see how world leaders will respond to the climate crisis, with the average pension saving in the UK is estimated to be worth approx. £75K it’s important to know how that can be used to help

Leading mutual pension provider, Royal London, offers a simple guide to investors on how they can manage their investments responsibly and ensure their sustainable pound makes a difference in the places they want it to

Consumer finance specialist Sarah Pennells explains how people can check if their pension is acting on behalf of you to influence and challenge issues such as CO2 emissions, modern slavery policies, gender balance on the board and even executive pay.

It comes as the number of over 70-year-olds who are working has increased to almost half a million, new research suggests.

The 6% increase in the past year indicates that employment among the older age group has started to recover from its Covid-related slump, said financial advisers Salisbury House Wealth.

Its study found that at the beginning of the pandemic, the number of over-70s in employment dropped as older workers shielded.

Older workers tend to be employed in sectors where remote working would not have been possible, such as retail and health and social work, according to the report.

Tim Holmes, managing director at Salisbury House Wealth, said: “Being forced to shield during the pandemic was a huge setback for over-70s who relied on working to top up their retirement income.

“Some older workers remain in the workforce by choice, particularly to remain connected to the community. However, for others, it will be a necessity to boost their pension pots.”

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