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CORONAVIRUS: Let’s take a look at what’s happening locally

CORONAVIRUS: Let’s take a look at what’s happening locally

Published on 10.05.21


Coronavirus North East - let’s take a look at what’s happening locally

Over 200 cases of coronavirus were reported across the North East and North Yorkshire on Sunday. Newcastle saw the highest increase with 45, while Redcar & Cleveland saw the smallest increase with 4. This is what the figures look like where you are :

County Durham - 19

Darlington - 6

Gateshead - 18

Hartlepool - 7

Middlesbrough - 20

Newcastle - 45

North Yorkshire - 23

North Tyneside - 16

Redcar & Cleveland - 4

South Tyneside - 8

Stockton - 23

Sunderland - 7

The Government website reports that 553 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the past 7 days in the North East, with an infection rate of 20.7.


Over 35 million people across the UK have had at least their first dose of the vaccine, with over 17 million having had both doses. Across the North East and Yorkshire, over 4 million have had their first dose and over 2 million have had both doses.

Vaccines Minister, Nadhim Zahawi said "this is a phenomenal achievement from everyone who lives in the North East and Yorkshire and is a credit to the army of volunteers, the local authorities and the NHS teams who are helping jab the way back to normal life.”

At home testing

Northumberland County Council has reminded residents of the importance of declaring any results from tests done at home. Households have been able to test at home using a Lateral Flow Device for some time. Whilst many are reporting their results, positive or negative via the Gov.uk website, many parents and carers of children in year 7 and above are still not reporting their twice weekly tests.

Liz Morgan, Northumberland’s Director for Public Health, said: “It is great to see that so many people are getting lateral flow devices to test themselves at home, but we are seeing, both through the number of tests collected and those given out at schools a difference in numbers being reported.

It is important if you are taking a twice-weekly test to report your results. This will not only help to reduce infection rates in our county but will also tell us where there may be areas of higher infection and help us to plan where we need to put more resources.”

Declaring your results

It is not only children and their families that need to ensure they are reporting their home test results – anyone currently taking the twice-weekly home tests should also be reporting a positive, negative or void result online or via 119.

Reporting your results helps to reduce infection rates, protect those at higher risk of infection and prevent and reduce the spread of the virus.

Lateral flow testing helps those without symptoms identify if they have coronavirus. Should you test positive you should report your result straight away and book a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible.

If your LFD test at home is negative, you need do nothing more other than report your test online or by calling 119. A negative test does not mean you definitely don’t have Covid so following the hands, face, space fresh air guidance is still important.

Those children and young people in year 7 and above should report a positive result to their school.




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