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GATESHEAD ELECTION: Labour retains all its seats

GATESHEAD ELECTION: Labour retains all its seats

Image: LDRS

Despite a punishing national picture Labour didn’t concede a seat in Gateshead this election.

There was no surprises for the borough’s ruling party as it managed to retain all its seats with healthy majorities.

This year there were 24 seats up for grabs one for each of the borough’s 22 wards and then an extra for both Lamesley and Birtley – these extra seats were both taken by Labour.

Three Gateshead cabinet members were also successful in their re-election bids with deputy leader Catherine Donovan, cabinet member for environment and transport John McElroy and Linda Green all staying in place.

However, the Liberal Democrats gained after Jonathon Mohammed won back their seat in Whickham South and Sunniside.

The seat was previously occupied by John McClurey, who last year left the party along with his son Kevin to serve as independent councillors.

Coun McClurey senior opted not to stand for re-election.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives, who have been making wins in other parts of the region didn’t gain a single seat in Gateshead,

Before the results were declared council leader Martin Gannon said he was “super confident” that the bleak national picture wouldn’t damage his party’s dominance on Tyneside, saying that voters would judge his councillors on their local performance.

He added: “Politics is a strange business. People are basing their judgement on our management of Gateshead.

“Whatever people may think of national politics there is a respect and confidence in the way Gateshead Council is run.

“Without being complacent we will continue to work with and engage with communities.

“Generally [voters] respect the way we run the council and that puts us in a secure place.”

Of the 24 contested seats Labour won 19 with the opposition Liberal Democrats taking five.

The overall political makeup of the council is now 52 Labour, 13 Lib Dem, and one Independent.

Words: Herbert Soden, Local Democracy Reporter

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