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KICKSTART YOUR CAREER: Meet the Newcastle organisation helping you back on your feet

Your Homes Newcastle are making it easier for young people and businesses to connect through the Government’s kickstart scheme.
Leaving school or university is pretty scary at the best of times, made a bit more stressful by a global pandemic. It might feel like you're not sure which way to turn and that some jobs are getting pretty scarce as we deal with the fallout of coronavirus. But if you're aged 16-24 and have found yourself on universal credit, there are some avenues to explore.
The chancellor has pumped £2billion into the Government’s kickstart scheme. The fund subsidises a job for six-months for youngsters on Universal Credit to help them avoid long term unemployment.
But concerns have been raised about how accessible the Government’s kickstart scheme is. Some believe that not enough businesses know about the programme, and those that do have come across red tape that's hindering any meaningful progress. For many businesses, and especially the smaller ones, the thought of having to sift through candidates and completing more paperwork must feel pretty overwhelming after the year they've had.
This is where Your Homes Newcastle steps in, eliminating any of the stress and pressure felt by the businesses and the candidates.
There are around half a million unemployed young people in the UK, and it's currently not clear which direction this number will head in as we start to recover from covid, with the true scale of the damage done by the pandemic yet to unfold over the coming years. But with schemes like this one, young people can expect to feel supported and keep up to date with their skills and knowledge that will assist in their career progression.
So if you're eagerly looking for your next opportunity, are aged between 16 and 24 and on universal credit, now might just be the time to set the wheels in motion.

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