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THE MASK STAYS: 75% of you likely to keep wearing masks

THE MASK STAYS: 75% of you likely to keep wearing masks


Many of you intend to keep wearing masks beyond freedom day.

Polling has found that almost three-quarters of Britons are likely to continue wearing face coverings in shops and while using public transport even when they are no longer compulsory.

According to a survey by Ipsos Mori, a majority are also likely to wear them on planes (64%), in theatres and cinemas (60%), in their place of work (59%) and in pubs and restaurants (55%).

Nearly three in four people – 73% – think wearing masks in places such as shops and public transport is very important for stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Out of those polled, 43% regarded the wearing of face coverings to be essential – up from 37% this time last year.

Older Britons are most likely to view face masks as essential in preventing the spread of the virus, with more than half (54%) of 55-75s, while 42% of 35-54s and only a third of 18-34s said the same.

A representative sample of 1,025 British adults aged 16-75 were interviewed online on July 9.

Meanwhile in London…

London mayor Sadiq Khan said it was right for the Government to give the capital autonomy over masks but it was “disappointing” there was no national rule.

“We’ve worked closely with them over the last few weeks to get it right,” he told the PA news agency.

“Of course, I’m disappointed it’s not a compulsory requirement across the country. Because I think in a crisis, in a pandemic, simplicity is crucial.”

He said Boris Johnson’s Government should continue to look at the evidence on masks.

“It takes time, often, for the Government to do right. I began lobbying the Government last March or April about the importance of wearing a face mask, it wasn’t compulsory until June.

“I’m hoping the Government will continue to review the evidence.”

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