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NEWS ROUNDUP: North East offers support for Afghan refugees & conspiracy theorist damages Gateshead mast


North East councils vow to assist refugees from Afghanistan and conspiracy theorist causes £100,000 worth of damage to a mast in Gateshead.

The councils in the North East have vowed to provide a “safer future” for refugees fleeing the crisis in Afghanistan. The Taliban take over of the country has left a huge number of families displaced and at risk of being captured and killed.

A Newcastle City Council spokesman said the city “stands ready to play its part” in providing a safe haven for those escaping the violence.

He said: “It has been devastating to see the recent developments in Afghanistan unfold, it is almost impossible for us to imagine the plight and suffering of people desperately seeking to flee their homes.

“We are keen to hear the Government’s plans to extend resettlement support to refugees fleeing Afghanistan and Newcastle stands ready to play its part.

“Newcastle is a safe and welcoming place, we’re proud to be a City of Sanctuary with a track record of helping people rebuild their lives here.

“We are ready to build on the support we’ve provided to Afghan interpreters who worked for the British Army, to give those currently at risk a better and safer future in our city.”

5G Conspiracy
A conspiracy theorist who believed that 5G can lead to health problems caused more than £100,000 pounds worth of damage to a mast in Gateshead.
41 year old David Patterson from Felling in Gateshead was said to have been suffering from a mental disorder at the time and had been influenced by online material.
He has since acknowledged that what he did was wrong.
Decarbonising the North
Transport for the North wants to hear what you've got to say about the regions decarbonisation strategy.
The aim of the consultation is to identify how to effectively tackle climate change in a way that's actually helpful for those using the transport systems. The closing date for the consultation is the 31st of August.

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