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NOT SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Cheeky copper wishes rule breakers a Happy Birthday

Video: South West News Service

The is the moment a cheeky copper wishes a girl 'Happy Birthday' at her Covid rule-breaking party - before forcing all the guests to come out of hiding.

The young adults are seen relaxing in a darkened room sharing drinks and listening to relaxing music when a couple of coppers enter the room.

One girl confirms it's her birthday adding the group are simple "chilling'' - and the copper wishes her a Happy Birthday.

The group also tell the them there's nobody inside the Bristol property from a separate household.

One officer then warns the group anybody not from the household must come out of hiding or face fines.

Seemingly unconvinced by the group's story - body worn footage shows a copper searching the rest of the property before stumbling into a room full of people.

"Okay, blimey I didn't expect quite a big audience," he said.

"We're all aware of the coronavirus regulations? So we know what they mean? Where can we meet if we're meeting together?"

The guilty group are then heard simultaneously answering "outside," in a rather forlorn tone.

The officer continues: "This it totally unacceptable, and flies in the face of everything we've been doing as a nation for the past year."

Six people in their 20s received £800 fixed penalty notices for organising a house party of more than 15 people.

A statement from Avon and Somerset Police said: "A house party was reported to police at about 11pm on Friday 23 April in Redland’s Alexandra Park.

"A number of people initially attempted to hide from police before eventually coming downstairs when an officer said they were going to search other rooms.

"Six people, in their 20s, received £800 fixed penalty notices for organising a house party of more than 15 people."

Inspector Ruth Gawler said: “The vast majority of people have played their part by adhering to the lockdown rules at the start of the year and we’re thankful they are continuing to comply with the restrictions and advice currently in place.

“However, there is a small minority of people who are selfishly choosing to break the rules that are designed to help save lives.

“Our approach to dealing with such incidents remains the same – we will engage with the public, explain the rules and encourage them to comply. But enforcement through fines remains an option, especially for those responsible for the blatant and deliberate breaches we’ve been called out to deal with in recent days.

“We fully understand everyone is delighted by the easing of restrictions, but we continue to urge people to be cautious and follow the rules to limit the spread of COVID, which has already claimed thousands of lives across the country.”

Approximately 55,000 COVID-19 breaches have been reported to Avon and Somerset Police since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. A total of 2,193 of fixed penalty notices have been issued during that time.

Words: Ollie Buckley, South West News Service

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