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TEENS ARRESTED: Tackling anti social behaviour on the Metro

TEENS ARRESTED: Tackling anti social behaviour on the Metro

Image from Northumbria Police.

Troublesome teenagers have been arrested and patrols stepped up on the Metro network after a spike in anti social behaviour over the school holidays.

Northumbria Police are asking parents to work with the Force by ensuring they know where their children are so they don’t get drawn into criminality.

Over the past fortnight areas across the North East have seen spikes in anti-social behaviour and disorder involving teenage children. Extra patrols were already in place to nip any incidents in the bud but beauty spots and coastal areas have still seen large groups of young people gathering.

There have been reports of disorder along the North Tyneside coast, reports of large fights in parks and members of the public have been abused and attacked.

In Newcastle there have been incidents in Jesmond Dene and on the Town Moor where fires have been lit, members of the public assaulted and council workers being pelted with stones. Police have been proactive in investigating that disorder and four children have been arrested in connection with those more serious incidents.

Dozens of other teenagers found drinking have also been taken home to their parents and issued with words of advice. Patrols are also continuing on the Metro network after officers found some of those involved in disorder had been travelling across the region to get involved in anti-social behaviour. Chief Inspector Alan Pitchford has praised the vast majority of young people who have behaved responsibly during the holidays – but he has also called on the support of parents.

“We knew that the school holidays would see a spike in anti-social behaviour and the plans we have had in place have helped reduce the level of disorder,” he said. “The vast majority of people have behaved responsibly and, after some early issues with littering in beauty spots, the public have shown a lot of respect for their community. But we have seen some concerning pockets of disorder that have gone above just large groups of teenagers socialising in parks or on the beach.

“Violent incidents have left members of the public injured and young families intimidated and there is no excuse for that type of behaviour. We have dealt with that robustly by way of arrests and we hope that robust enforcement does offer some reassurance to members of the public.

“But we need the support of parents to prevent incidents of this nature taking place in the first place and to avoid young children being drawn into criminality. Particularly in the current climate, children should not be riding the Metro across our force area and gathering in large groups to drink and cause trouble.

“We would ask that you have conversations with your children, remind them that they need to show respect and warn them that they could face arrest.”

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