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TO THE POLLS: Hetton by-election to elect new councillor

TO THE POLLS: Hetton by-election to elect new councillor

Sunderland Civic Centre, Image: LDRS

Voters are to go to the polls to elect a new councillor in Hetton to represent them on Sunderland City Council.

The Hetton ward by-election is taking place on Thursday after Councillor Doris Turner passed away peacefully at home in July, aged 81, after a brave battle with cancer.

At the time, tributes poured in paying tribute to the councillor’s service to the community as both a town council and city council representative.

Six candidates have been put forward to take the vacant seat and become the third city councillor for the ward.

As voters get set to go to the polls, candidates have been given the opportunity to tell you why you should vote for them.

Maurice Allen (Independent)

No statement or image received from candidate.

Adelle Burnicle (The Conservative Party)

Adelle Burnicle

Adelle Burnicle (The Conservative Party), Image: LDRS

I am Hetton born and bred and I live locally with my husband and children.

I am a primary school teacher and, during the lockdown, spent my time helping parents to homeschool their children.

I am passionate about our area and committed to helping others. That’s why I am putting myself forward to be out next councillor.

Do you think we need more police on the streets? More enforcement action against fly-tippers? More action on speeding and off-road bikes? More opposition to Council waste?

I certainly do – if you agree, then give me your support so we can give Hetton the fresh start it deserves.

If, overall, you feel Hetton is forgotten by Sunderland Council, then back me and elect a councillor who will put Hetton first.

For a local candidate, from Hetton, standing up for Hetton – use your vote to support my campaign for change.

Let’s change things, together.

David Geddis (Independent)

David Geddis

David Geddis (Independent), Image: LDRS

It’s a privilege to represent the residents of Hetton.

I’ve worked in Local Government and Further Education for the past 32 years, now retired hoping to help the community I love.

It’s been fantastic to represent everyone for the past six years, I will continue to work hard, a constant voice, a pain in the derriere if required to improve our town. We seem to be forgotten at times.

I’m proactive on ELCAP, Culture for Hetton, Moorsley Hut, Gentoo and 3 together.

I have no political affiliations to distract, or follow. People Not Political Parties.

My aims are to improve our town, set objectives and tackle the underlying issues.

Unacceptable issues include: bikes, rogue landlords. Core areas are cemeteries, pest control, weeds, roads, draining, 101, fly-tipping, grasscutting, GreenBelt infrastructure and speeding

Born in Hetton, I will fight for and support people, local business and the town. I will not take any allowances, this will benefit charities.

John Lennox (Liberal Democrat)

John Lennox

John Lennox (Lib Dem Candidate), Image: LDRS

People in Hetton, Easington Lane, East Rainton, Rainton Bridge and Moorsley are worried about policing, speeding, litter and fly-tipping, and have concerns for the green belt.

Liberal Democrats share these concerns and are unhappy with the Labour controlled City Council wasting tax-payers money on vanity projects like the new City Hall and the footbridge across the Wear instead of concentrating on issues which affect local people.

Money would be better spent on improving services and fixing the basics like pot-holes, parking and anti-social behaviour.

People in Hetton and the surrounding communities have been taken for granted for far too long by Sunderland Labour, which we believe doesn’t listen or respond to the worries of local people.

I am the only candidate who can beat Labour this time.

I intend to be an alert, attentive and active advocate to represent local people rather than another councillor who just follows the Labour Party whip.

Justine Merton-Scott (Green Party)

Justine Merton-Scott

Justine Merton-Scott (Green Party), Image: LDRS

Green councillors are making a positive impact across the country and I believe I could make a big difference in Hetton.

We are not subject to party whips, so I could always vote in your best interests.

We have lost too much green space in the area. I would oppose any further building of unnecessary, and unwanted, executive housing on greenbelt land.

Back lanes are too often blighted by fly-tipping and rubbish so I would seek improvements to the efficiency of waste disposal and collection as well
as supporting investment in beautification schemes.

Rising energy costs will impact many residents – we need an emergency home insulation programme that will cut costs, as well as carbon emissions,
and create jobs. No one should have to choose between food and heat.

Above all, I will work hard all year round, making sure your voices are heard in the council chamber.


Iain Scott

Iain Scott (Labour Party), Image: LDRS


I’ve lived in Hetton for 21 years and have been heavily involved in the community ever since.

I’m currently on Hetton Town Council and know of the issues that need to be addressed.

I’m involved with many sports teams and charities and I currently chair the local scout group, 1st Eppleton.

Community is at the heart of everything I do. I’m hardworking, diligent and approachable, if elected, I will do everything possible to ensure that the Hetton Ward has a strong, reasoned voice within the city council chamber.

A vote for me is a vote for community, a vote for prosperity and a vote for continuous improvement within our ward. I will tackle the key issues head on and give our ward the representation it truly deserves.


For more information on the by-election visit Sunderland City Council’s website via the link below:



Words: Nic Marko, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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