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RESTRICTIONS: Premier League will relax once vaccine rate is 85%

RESTRICTIONS: Premier League will relax once vaccine rate is 85%

PA Zac Goodwin

The Premier League will relax coronavirus restrictions imposed on clubs when the amount of vaccine rate of players reaches 85 per cent.

The governing body confirmed last week that 68 per cent of players were fully vaccinated and 81 per cent had received at least one jab.

Club doctors were informed of the league’s intentions at a meeting last Thursday, but future guidelines will depend on a possible increase of coronavirus cases over the winter period.

The vaccine rate among professional footballers has been debated at length, with several England internationals opting not to discuss their status earlier this month.

Speaking during the international break, England boss Gareth Southgate suggested players could be against being vaccinated because they are swayed by conspiracy theories on social media.

“At their age they are more open to some of these conspiracy theories because they are reading social media more,” he said.

“They are perhaps more vulnerable to those sort of views. From what I can see there is a bit of confusion around. And there are several different threads there to why they are choosing to be jabbed or not to speak publicly about it.”

Earlier this week, the Premier League confirmed six positive coronavirus tests from their recent testing of over 3000 staff and players, but it is obviously unknown whether vaccinated people tested positive.

The latest figures released by the league – 19 per cent of players have yet to receive their first jab – confirm the sport now has a similar uptake to the 18-39-year-old average across the UK.

Four new positive coronavirus cases were recorded from last week’s Premier League testing programme and six positives were recorded in the previous week’s results.

Clubs have had stringent Covid-related rules imposed at their training grounds and stadiums over the past 18 months to allow football to continue during the pandemic.

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