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SPORTS QUIZ: How will you fare in our annual competition?


The Local TV Sports Quiz has returned for 2021 with more questions for you and your friends to have a go at cracking.

In last year's sports quiz, Jonny Chick won in the final round and this year he returns to defend his crown.

However, Kieran Grierson - who he pipped at the post 12 months ago - is hoping to get some revenge and win himself this year.

One of the familiar faces from the Box-to-Box podcast, which is live every Tuesday on Facebook, is Jack Spedding and he made his debut in this year's event.

The format of the quiz is below with answers are the end of the article, so try your hand at the questions and let us know how you got on via social media.

To watch the full show, head over to Facebook and YouTube at 6pm on December 27th when it'll premiere across our channels.


Sports Quiz - Round 1


Three questions each to our contestants, with one point scored for each correct answer.

The questions in this round include:

  1. Which player scored a Premier League goal after just 7.69 seconds?
  2. Mario Balotelli assisted one goal in the Premier League - true or false? 
  3. Swansea City won the 2013 League Cup final by what scoreline?
  4. Who scored 51 headers in Premier League games during their career?
  5. Vinnie Jones was sent off more than 10 times in the Premier League, true or false?
  6. Name one of the three players who share the record for most Premier League red cards? 
  7. Who was the first opposition player to score at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium?
  8. Wayne Rooney is the youngest ever Premier League goalscorer – True or False?
  9. Why did former Barcelona and Brazil star Ronaldinho spend time in prison?


Sports Quiz - Round 2


In this round, based on the Question of Sport round, players could choose a home question (football) for one point or an away question (sport) for two points.

Some of the questions from this round are:


  1. Petr Cech has the most clean sheets in Premier League history but which English goalkeeper has the most? 
  2. Who was the top goalscorer in the first season of the Premier League? 
  3. Which team in the Premier League have conceded the most hat tricks all time?
  4. How many times have Spanish Clubs won the UEFA Cup or Europa League? 13, 15 or 17 times? 


  1. Max Verstappen won his first Formula One World Title this season but where did he win his first race?
  2. Which golf course hosts the US Masters? 
  3. In what year did Roger Federer complete the career grand slam? 
  4. How old was Mike Tyson when he won his first heavyweight title? 
  5. How many Olympic gold medals did Usain Bolt win? 
  6. Which cricket club plays at the Oval? 


Sports Quiz - Round 3... Who Am I?


In this round, the contestants had to guess which players was being described based on their playing history, place of birth and position.

Be careful, these aren't the complete playing history of each player, just a selection of some of the clubs they played for.

  1. I’m a midfielder. I played for Bolton (296), Newcastle (85) and West Ham (141). I’m English.
  2. I’m also a midfielder. I played for Liverpool (65), Middlesbrough (93) and Wolves (115). I’m English.
  3. I’m a defender. I played for Chelsea (28), Bournemouth (5) and Reading (44). I’m English. 
  4. I’m a defender. I played for Tottenham (45), Wolves (9) and Watford (11). I was born in France. 
  5. I’m a midfielder. I played for Leeds (38), Spurs (266) and Everton (60). I’m English. 
  6. I’m a defender. I played for Everton (60), Aston Villa (95) and Queens Park Rangers (64). I’m Irish.


Sports Quiz Round 4 - Knockout Round


In the final round, players had to name clubs in the English Football League as of this season whose name does not contain a suffix.

For the purposes of this round, teams with AFC in their name are included, unless the Athletic is said (i.e. Charlton Athletic, Oldham Athletic).

Crystal Palace and Port Vale do not count as they are places not suffixes. There are 24 in total and you score one point per correct answer.

If you are unable to provide an answer, you are knocked out and the rest of the contestants continue. The game ends when the final contestant cannot give any more answers. They can continue to give answers even if they are the last remaining person, therefore can continue scoring points to win.


Sports Quiz Answers


Round 1:

  1. Shane Long
  2. True
  3. 5-0
  4. Peter Crouch
  5. False
  6. Duncan Ferguson, Richard Dunne or Patrick Vieira
  7. Michail Antonio
  8. False
  9. Fake passport

Round 2:


  1. David James
  2. Teddy Sheringham
  3. Southampton
  4. 13 times: Sevilla 6, Atletico 3, Real 2, Valencia and Villarreal


  1. Spain
  2. Augusta National
  3. 2009
  4. 20
  5. 8
  6. Surrey

Round 3:

  1. Kevin Nolan
  2. Paul Ince
  3. Ryan Bertrand
  4. Sebastian Bassong
  5. Aaron Lennon
  6. Richard Dunne

Round 4:

Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Arsenal, Brentford, Southampton, Watford, Burnley, Fulham, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Blackpool, Reading, Barnsley, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Wimbledon, Gillingham, Morecambe, Walsall, Stevenage, Rochdale, Barrow.

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